Community First

Yes, we want to show you the space that we hope you’ll build your business from, but there’s something more important than bricks and sticks. That something is community. It’s your fellow entrepreneurs. It’s coffee with a member you never knew you could learn something from. It’s empathy and shared experience. It’s peers to celebrate your wins with. It’s encouragement when something doesn’t pan out. This sense of community is what drives our members to wake up every morning and say,

What Members Say

Brickyard is a place for workers across industries and disciplines to come together. Part of having an office with coworkers is that you have a community your can draw on for inspiration, ideas, and (perhaps most importantly) fun. We positioned Brickyard to be close to home, but also a closeby partner to some amazing local businesses. As such we have partnered with businesses close to our Brickyard locations to provide benefits for our members.
Come see Brickyard for yourself and meet our community of entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups and freelancers that are just as passionate as you.

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